Best Edger For Sidewalks-How to Edge Your Sidewalk Like a Pro!

June 10, 2018

Today, I am going to talk about the best edger for sidewalks. Ok, admit it. Sometimes you let your lawn go longer than you should. You could have gone on vacation for a week or two and let your lawn go. Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate and you are not able to get to your lawn. Sometimes you are just plain lazy and don't feel like taking care of your lawn for a week or so. Or, winter is over and you need to get back to taking care of your lawn. Whatever excuse you have, it is time to step up and get your lawn back in shape.

Now, you walk down your sidewalk or driveway and notice that the grass and weeds are growing over them. It doesn't look how you want it. It looks sloppy. There are different ways to edge your sidewalk or driveway and make it look like a professional did it. You could manually edge your sidewalk with a shovel or half moon spade. You could use your weed eater/string trimmer and edge it. Or, the way I prefer, you could use a walk behind edger and get that nice, straight line look on the edge of your sidewalks. Once it is done, it really looks like a professional did it.

If you are short on time, please CLICK HERE and you will be directed to our top pick for the best edger for sidewalks.

Best Edger for Sidewalks-What to Look For

Here are the features needed when looking for the best edger for sidewalks:

  • Lightweight-obviously you need something lightweight. You don't want to try and control a big clunker and make your edges uneven.
  • Powerful-you need something powerful enough to not only cut the overgrown lawn and weeds, but you also need something powerful enough to cut a straight edge next to the sidewalk.
  • Blade Adjustment-not all sidewalks are created equal. Some sidewalks are lawn high and some sidewalks are higher than your lawn. You need an edger that has blades that will adjust to the height you want.
  • Adjustable shaft and handle-another feature you need. People are different in height and posture, so you need to be able to adjust the height and handle of your edger.

Gear Needed to Edge Your Sidewalk

Other than your edger, there are things that I would suggest you use when you edge your sidewalk.

  • Safety goggles-you never know when debris will fly up into your face
  • Ear protection-protect your hearing. Some edgers can get loud.
  • Long pants-although the guy in the picture above is wearing shorts, I recommend that you wear long pants. Again, you never know where debris is going to fly and it keeps grass from going on your legs.
  • Proper footwear-I recommend that you wear steel toe work boots if you have them. Edgers have sharp blades and you don't want it cutting your foot. I would not wear flip flops or sandals when edging!!!

These are things I highly recommend to wear when you edge.

Worx WG896 12A 2-in-1 Electric Lawn Edger, 7.5-Inch-Our Top Pick!

best edger for sidewalks

If you want to make the nicest, straightest edge on your sidewalk or driveway, look no further than the Worx WG896 12A 2 in 1 Electric Lawn EdgerOf all the gas or electric lawn edgers that I have seen or used, this is my favorite. It is, in my opinion, the best edger for sidewalks on the market today.

Features We Love

Here are the features that we love about the Worx Electric Lawn Edger.

  • Powerful- it has a 12 amp motor that is powerful enough to do any edging. It is also powerful enough to do trenching if needed.
  • Adjustable blades- it has 3 blade positions to choose from when doing your edging.
  • Easy to assemble- takes about 5-10 minutes to get it up and running
  • Edge guide- it has an edge guide to make those perfectly straight lines
  • Electric- although a lot of people prefer gas edgers, I really like that you don't have to keep refilling it up with gas. Also, I hate having to have a separate gas container that contains a fuel mixture. Just my opinion
  • Adjustable shaft and handle- I am 6'1 and had no problem finding a setting that fits me.
  • Lightweight- at only 14 lbs, it is very easy to use.

Please note: If you have a long sidewalk, driveway or pool area and you need a long extension cord, please use THIS ONE. The Worx Electric Lawn Edger needs a 2 prong extension cord, not a 3 prong one.

Features We Don't Like

Like anything, nothing is perfect. Here are a couple of things that we don't like about the Worx Electric Lawn Edger.

  • If your grass is really, really thick, you may have to go over it a couple times. You may need to pull it backward if grass is too long and thick
  • Bolts need re-tightening from time to time.

Those are about the only things we didn't like about the Worx Electric Lawn Edger.


Well, there you have it. Obviously you can tell that we really, really like the Worx Electric Lawn Edger. We find it works better than either manually edging your lawn or using a weed eater to edge a lawn. We hope that we have given you enough information to use if you are thinking about purchasing an edger. Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment.

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