Best Plastic/Tarp For Slip and Slide-The Kids (and Adults) Will Love It!

July 27, 2018

Because life is not all (yard) work and no play, I am going to talk about the best plastic/tarp for a slip and slide. As a kid, I thought a slip and slide was best outdoor water ride ever!!! The thought of running and sliding on a slip and slide in the hot sun brings back great memories. As people have gotten more creative, the slip and slides have gotten better and better. If you are looking to make your own slip and slide in your yard or on your property, there are some things your are going to need.

Building Your Own Slip and Slide-Items needed

If you are going to go ahead and make your own slip and slide, there are a couple of items you are going to need:

  • Heavy Duty Plastic/Tarp (I will review the best plastic/tarp for a slip and slide below)
  • Plastic stakes
  • Mild dish washing soap and water
  • Water source-like a hose or sprinkler
  • Water tubes or other water slide devices
  • Kids or adults to play on it

Best Plastic/Tarp For A Slip and Slide-Our Top Picks!

As a kid and a teenager, I tried making my own slip and slide with mixed results. To make a good slip and slide, you need a really, good piece of plastic that won't rip, won't hurt your body when you slide, and is very, very slippery. The last thing you need is to make a slip and slide, invite kids over to use it, and have it either rip right away or scrape up the kids because it is not slippery enough. So here is our picks for the best plastic/tarp for a slip and slide:

Norkan Poly Sheeting 10' x 100' 10mil White/Transparent

[maxbutton id="1" url=",+10+mil&refinements=p_85:2470955011&linkCode=sl1&tag=yoyaguru-20&linkId=4727b40ff774eb7949ae03ded0115c52&language=en_US" ]

This plastic is very heavy duty and works great for a slip and slide. At 10 feet wide, you probably only want one person going down at a time. If you want to get really crazy and have 2 people go down at the same time for racing, you would want to go with this plastic:

Plastic Poly Sheeting 20 Feet X 100 Feet, 10mil

[maxbutton id="1" url=",+10+mil&refinements=p_85:2470955011&linkCode=sl1&tag=yoyaguru-20&linkId=55321619dfea57e2398a5244c23f5abf&language=en_US" ]

At 20 feet wide, you could fit more than one person using the slip and slide. Always be careful!!! Both of these plastic sheeting rolls are 10 mil thick and very, very slippery. They work great for slip and slides!!! You don't have to use the whole 100 feet if you have a smaller yard or area. Both plastic rolls can be cut very easily. Both rolls are heavy duty enough to roll up and use again and again.!

How To Make an Outdoor, Homemade Slip and Slide

Here are the steps in making an outdoor, homemade slip and slide. It is really, really easy.

  1. Find a yard or a hill with enough room to run and slide
  2. Unroll the plastic to the length you want
  3. Secure the top of the slip and slide with stakes. I wouldn't put stakes anywhere else. It may either puncture the water tube or worse yet, hurt someone if they slide over the stake.
  4. Apply mild dish soap and water all the way down the plastic. Also, you can apply it to the bottom of the water tubes or your belly!
  5. Run a hose so water is running from the top of the slip and slide down to the bottom. This mixes with the dish soap and makes it really slippery. I would not try and go down the slip and slide standing up. That is an injury waiting to happen.
  6. Get a decent running start and slide down the slip and slide. You may have to apply the dish soap again if needed.

That is all it takes to make a homemade slip and slide. Here is a great video on how to make a slip and slide.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my article on the best plastic/tarp for a slip and slide and also, how to make a outdoor, homemade slip and slide. Please feel free to leave a comment!!!

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