Best Ways To Clean Up Acorns From Your Yard-Best Rake or Yard Vacuum For Acorns

April 19, 2018

If you are asking the question "What are the best ways to clean up acorns ?", I am guessing that you have a few oak trees in your yard that are raining acorns at the moment.

Oak trees are magnificent specimens. Once planted they can stand for generations and give a property a signature look. In fact, entire ecological systems develop around healthy middle-aged oak trees.

Oak trees provide favorable conditions for beneficial insects, migrating birds, and local wildlife to thrive. Unfortunately, oak trees can end up producing too many acorns for pets and wildlife to feed on. The leftover acorns end up becoming a nuisance if they are not dealt with.

My Top Picks For the Best Ways To Clean Up Acorns From Your Yard

I know firsthand that cleaning up acorns from your yard can be a long, time-consuming task without the right tools and or approach.

Below is a list of the best methods and tools I've employed over the years to get rid of leftover acorns in my yard. I can only hope that they make your life living with these majestic trees a lot easier!

A lot of you have raked up the acorns from your yard and scooped them into some kind of container to get rid of them. That is the way it's been done in the past and that way still works. That is one way to pick up acorns from your yard. 

I am going to give you some other options for raking up acorns. I am going to show you some other ways that may be faster and easier, but you still may come back to raking.

It is up to you to choose what method will work best for you. So let's get to the best ways to clean up acorns in your yard.

Rake Them!-Best Rake for Acorns

The Gardenite 63 inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake

Well, the most popular method to clean up acorns in your yard is by raking. As a lot of you know first hand, you really need a rake that is not flimsy at the end.

Those rakes are great for cleaning acorns off your driveway, but they do not work in your yard. For yard raking you need a rake that has a sturdy end so you can pull the rake through the grass and get the acorns that are buried deep in the grass.

After using and trying many rakes to clean up acorns, I find that the best rake for acorns is The Gardenite 63 inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Here are some of the features that I really like about it.

  • The head adjusts from 7 inches to 22 inches. This makes the space in the head of the rake narrower and stronger to pick up acorns and other nuts. It also makes it easier to get into smaller areas to rake when the head is adjusted to 7 inches.
  • At 63 inches long, it is one of the longer rakes on the market.
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to store when adjusted down to 7 inches.

Use The Bag-a-nut 18 in Push Pecan/Large Acorn Picker Upper

Bag-A-Nut 18” Push Pecan Harvester 

18' Pecan Harvester - BagANut - Pecan Picker

This is one of the best ideas I have seen in my 40+ years of yard work. You roll the picker upper around your yard and it picks up acorns and other nuts and puts them in a large basket.

You then empty the basket into a container when the basket is full or you are done picking up acorns. Brilliant. The only drawback is that it is a bit pricey, but this will last you a long time.

Here is a video of the picker upper in use along with other products from Baganut

Vacuum Up The Acorns-Best Yard Vacuum for Acorns

Craftsman XSP 16 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Blower

Craftsman XSP 16 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Blower

Vacuuming up your acorns from your lawn is a great way to save on the joints.

You can even sit down and do this. Although it is still very time consuming, it is still a great way to clean up acorns. I would recommend at least a 6 horsepower shop vac with a 2 1/2 inch hose attachment, like the Craftsman XSP.

This is our top pick for the best yard vacuum for acorns. If you are going to have to clean up acorns every year, you want to buy a decent shop vac like the craftsman XSP.

Some tips for using a shop vac to vacuum up acorns:

  • Make sure that the grass is cut as low as you can get it. This makes it easier to vacuum up the acorns.
  • If you get a shop vac with a big capacity, it may be too heavy to empty. This is something you are going to have to experiment with
  • Also, I would empty them into a large, plastic garbage can with wheels. This makes it easier to move to the side of the road or your garage.
  • Be careful stepping on acorns. You could slip and fall.

Here is a video of cleaning up acorns with a shop vac:

Use a Power Broom to Sweep up the Acorns 

Makita SW400MP Couple Shaft Paddle Sweep Attachment

Makita SW400MP Couple Shaft Paddle Sweep Attachment, Black

This is another great way to clean up acorns out of your yard. A power broom is just what the name says. Its a sweeper with a lot of power behind it. 

You could purchase one of these, but from my experience, it is easier to just rent one from Home Depot or Lowes and let them handle the maintenance. All you do is power sweep the acorns up in a pile and them scoop them up into a large, plastic garbage cans with wheels.

Here is a nice video on cleaning up acorns with a power broom.

Well, there are my best ways to clean up acorns. If you still want to rake them up, that works too. Thanks for stopping by.

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