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How To Clean Dog Poop From Grass-The Proper Way

By Dan

July 11, 2019

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Today, we are going to go over how to clean dog poop from grass the proper way. There is nothing worse than someone walking their dog, their dog poops on the grass, and they just keep walking without cleaning it up. That is really a pet peeve of mine. Well, for those people who are new to walking their dog or are new to having a dog as a pet, here are 3 proper ways to clean up dog poop from grass.

1-Put Dog Poop in Bags

After your dog has pooped:

  1. Take a plastic bag
  2. Put your hand inside the plastic bag
  3. Pick up the poop with your hand inside the plastic bag
  4. While holding the poop with your hand, pull the sides of the bag around the poop.
  5. Tie bag up and dispose of it in garbage can
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2-Use Pooper Scooper

After your dog has pooped or unfortunately if another dog has pooped in your yard:

There are 2 main kinds of pooper scoopers on the market. One that has a small rake to flick the dog poop into the pet poop tray and one that scoops around the dog poop and picks it up (Jaw or claw scoop). I will show both ways.

Pooper Scooper with Small Rake

  1. If available, put plastic bag inside pet poop tray
  2. Put the pet poop tray behind the dog poop
  3. While standing behind the pet poop tray, use the rake to scoop/flick the dog poop into the pet poop tray. Make sure that you don’t flick too hard and get the dog poop on your shoes. If you are a hard flicker, you may want to stand off to the side.
  4. Take plastic bag off of the pet poop tray, tie up the bag, and dispose of it in the garbage can
  5. Clean your rake and tray after each use.
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Jaw or Claw Scooper

  1. Stand off to the side of the dog poop
  2. Open the scooper-some scoopers have different ways of opening the jaw/claw, so make sure you read your directions.
  3. Put open jaw/claw so dog poop is in between each jaw/claw
  4. Push down a little so you can get under the dog poop.
  5. Close the jaw/claw so the dog poop ends up in the closed jaw/claw.
  6. Dispose dog poop in the plastic bag, tie the bag and put bag in garbage.
  7. Clean jaw/claw scooper after each use.
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3- Use a Shovel

This is the old fashioned way of cleaning up dog poop. This is the way I had to do it 40 years ago. Use this method if you don’t have access to the other 2 methods above. A small hand shovel works very well, but if you don’t have one, you may have to use a regular sized spade shovel.

  1. Either stand behind or to the side of the dog poop
  2. Scoop under the dog poop to get all of it
  3. Put dog poop in a plastic bag.
  4. Tie plastic bag
  5. Dispose plastic bag into garbage.
  6. Clean shovel after each use.
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How To Clean Dog Poop From Grass

Well, there you have it. We hope that you have enjoyed and learned a little something today. Thanks again for stopping by and checking out our article on how to clean up dog poop from grass. Please feel free to leave a comment!!



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